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Acupuncture and other Natural Allergy Solutions
By Rebecca Hindman, L.Ac.
True Nature Acupuncture
Austin Acupuncture, Austin, Texas

If you are living in Austin Texas during the winter, chances are that you are dealing with Seasonal Allergies and Cedar Fever. If so, you might find that your eyes are sore and itchy, your throat hurts, your nose is stuffy, and you can’t stop sneezing. It may have even evolved into bronchitis and you are dealing with a deep cough that just won’t go away. Sound familiar? With record high pollen counts this Cedar season, thousands of Central Texans are in the same boat.

What exactly is an allergy anyway? In a nutshell, your immune system goes into overdrive in response to otherwise innocuous substances. What can we do about this? If it hasn’t happened yet but you know it will, then you are in better shape and you can take preventative steps. If, on the other hand, you already have symptoms there are some additional steps you can take to relieve your symptoms in the short term and prevent your symptoms from coming back over the long run. Below are both short term and longer term treatments for stopping and preventing seasonal allergies.

Treating and Preventing Allergies

Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Reduce your exposure to pollen by changing out of clothes you’ve worn outdoors and washing your hands and face after being outside. Give yourself a break while sleeping at night by washing the pollen out of your hair before going to bed.  If you are a-symptomatic continue exercising regularly and incorporate some form of deep relaxation into your routine.

If you are already suffering, eat foods that are rich in vitamin C or quercetin both are natural antihistamines. Some of these foods are: green and red peppers, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, apples, cranberries, grapefruit, grapes, pears, spinach, and kale. 

Avoid: Refined carbohydrates including sugar and white wheat flour as well as dairy products. Both contribute to inflammation and mucous production. 

For prevention sweet potatoes, kale, spinach. carrots, winter squash, collard greens are all rich in Beta Kerosine. When your body converts beta carotene into vitamin A it strengthens the immune system, keeps your lungs functioning at optimum levels and is a powerful antioxidant.

Single Herbs and Herbal Formulas
Having symptoms: Ginger and licorice roots for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Chinese Herbal Formulas
A chinese herbal remedy tailored to your specific allergy symptoms. Your local Chinese Medicine Practitioner will take your pulse and look at your tongue and find out about your symptoms to determine how to craft your formula. 

Chinese medicine practitioners commonly use  Jade Windscreen formula to prevent allergy symptoms. It is a combination of Huang Qi (Astragulus), Bai Zhu (Atractylodes)  and Fang Feng( Ledeboiriella). This is a powerful combination of herbs to strengthen your immune system. People with seasonal allergies need to begin taking this formula a month before expected exposure to the allergen.

Meridian Therapies
Already have symptoms? Your Practitioner of Chinese Medicine can also treat your allergies through stimulating points along meridians or pathways on the body with therapeutic effects. They will employ various methods like Chinese cupping, acupuncture needles, guasha, and moxibustion. The purpose of these therapies is to strengthen your immune system, assist your body in flushing out mucous, to stop coughing and sneezing, and to regulate your nervous system. 

For prevention, your acupuncturist can begin using  acupuncture and moxibustion a couple of weeks before the release of Cedar (or whatever pollen you have an allergy to). The treatment will be geared towards strengthening your immunity and regulating your nervous system so that your body doesn’t overreact to the allergen in the first place.

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