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At True Nature Acupuncture, we understand that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be intimidating and mysterious to some. To that end, we strive to give you the information and educational resources that you need to learn about this traditional and effective method of healing.

Frequently Asked Questions
A selection of the most frequently asked questions that Rebecca Hindman receives regarding acupuncture and Chinese medicine, it's methodology and effectiveness.

What is Acupuncture?
A brief overview of the history of acupuncture, typical treatment plans and symptoms that acupuncture is frequently used to treat.

Relieving Neck Pain with Natural Therapies and Acupuncture
Natural relief for one of the most common physical ailments.

Springtime Health Corner
A Chinese Medicine Perspective on How to
Care For Your Body Through the Seasons of the Year

Six Steps to Relieving Chronic Stress and Anxiety Naturally
Do you deal with too much stress or anxiety? Take a deep breath. Here are six simple strategies to manage the pressure.

Dealing with Migranes? Acupuncture Can Help
What are the short and long term benefits of treating your migranes with acupuncture and Chinese herbs?

Austin Insomniac's Guide to Better Sleep with Acupuncture
Natural ways to get deeper sleep by night and more energy by day.

Stop Your Allergies Naturally
Helpful strategies to stop allergy symptoms and prevent them from coming back.

Acupuncture might be your key to pain relief
Have you been on pain medications for a while? Have you tried everything for your pain but nothing seems to help? See if acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy could be the alternative you've been waiting for.


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