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Enrich your life through better health ... naturally.

Now you can overcome chronic health concerns, pain, and stress using the gentle and effective health care system of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Whether you are new to Oriental Medicine or you want to learn how to experience optimal wellness, the first step is to download our free ebook How to Thrive in the Modern World: A Lay Person's Guide to Chinese Medicine.

In this e-book you will learn:

  • Practical tips for creating more balance in your daily life
  • How acupuncture works
  • The different styles of treatment
  • How the mind and body are interconnected
How to Thrive eBook

Are you ready to take control of your health?

Call us at 512.363.2756 with any questions or to schedule a free 30 minute health assessment.


Rebecca Hindman, Central Austin acupuncture and Chinese herbal clinic

Rebecca Hindman L.Ac. MSOM
Central Austin, TX Acupuncturist
Licensed by the Texas Medical Board
Treating patients with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs


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-Katherine Austin, Texas

Now Accepting Insurance!

True Nature Acupuncture's Service to Austin

True Nature Acupuncture offers relief to Austinites who suffer from pain, allergies, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. At True Nature, patients receive a treatment plan that is custom tailored to their specific constitution, lifestyle, eating habits, personal and family medical conditions as well as any other factor effecting their health. We take the time to look at the big picture as well as tending to the symptoms. For this reason clients of True Nature find thorough, lasting relief and a general improvement in their overall health and vitality.


Rebecca Hindman, Central Austin acupuncture and Chinese herbal clinic



Stop Your Allergies with Acupuncture and Other Natural Techniques

For many people living in the Austin area, dealing with allergies is a frequent concern. Many have tried prescription and over the counter drugs but find themselves feeling fatigued and drowsy. What are some ways to treat or even prevent your allergies without the unwanted side effects? Find out how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help you not only feel better but improve your overall health and enable you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors again.


Rebecca Hindman, Central Austin acupuncture and Chinese herbal clinic



An Insomniac's Guide to Better Sleep using Acupuncture and Herbs

Frieda recently came to me because she has been suffering from insomnia for several years. Sometimes she couldn't fall asleep and other times she would wake up worrying and couldn't get back to sleep. Her frustration levels escalated when she looked at the clock to find that it was almost time to get out of bed. Find out how she got more restful sleep with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal therapy.


Rebecca Hindman, Central Austin acupuncture and Chinese herbal clinic



Are you ready to take control of your health?
Call us at 512.363.2756 with any questions or to schedule a free 30 minute health assessment.


Now Accepting Insurance!


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