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How to Become Healthy | True Nature Clinic

How to Become Healthy

Austin's True Nature Acupuncture

Welcome to the True Nature Acupuncture Blog. On it, we will be exploring various topics related to Holistic medicine  including Acupuncture,  Chinese Medicine and the process becoming a healthier person. Some of the more holistic themes will include:

1) Connecting with what is already good.

Sometimes we are so focused on what isn’t working we tend to forget about all of the things that are there for us all the time. We have eyes to see with, hands to touch with, ears to experience a world of sound… the list goes on. Our world is a rich place and touching the reality of our present resources provides a stable foundation to work from.

2) Relating to obstacles preventing you from becoming healthier.

We all have our stuck places. Some of them come from long held beliefs which trap us into habitual patterns. Some are from the realities of our current life situation. An additional obstacle can be not acknowledging that those barriers are there to begin with. How do we relate to these difficulties?

3) Navigating the choices you need to make along the way.

A big part of exchanging unhealthy habits for healthy ones is becoming comfortable with saying no. This no is for the unhealthy food, person, substance, habit that keeps you stuck. When you recognize that what you’ve been doing doesn’t work, you then realize that you have other options or choices.

4) How to create an environment and community to help you to progress on your path.

For most people, making healthy changes effects the people around us. It might be that one of the big obstacles to making any progress is that you are surrounded by people who want you to stay the same. For this reason as you change, the community around you will begin to change. As lonely as this can be at times, having the patience to find the right support is well worth it. Developing a community of integrated people takes time. However the relationships you create are richer and more meaningful ones.

5) Enjoyment of what has already come to fruition.

As you grow, it is helpful to stop and take a look at where you started from. You can have appreciation for the raw ingredients (the first topic) and you can also appreciate the care that you put towards yourself to create something beautiful out of that.

~My Intentions for this blog

This Blog is intended to provide useful information about natural health, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I will also share my personal musings about the process of becoming a healthier more integrated person. I invite you to share yourselves on here as well. We need each other to move forward.

About the Blogger:

Rebecca Hindman L.Ac. provides Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology and holistic health consultations to the community of Austin, Texas. To receive free information about Acupuncture in Austin visit www.truenatureclinic.com.