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You Won’t Die Without Sugar | True Nature Clinic

You Won’t Die Without Sugar

Well before becoming an acupuncturist, I began experimenting with different ways of living more healthily and continue to do so. Throughout my personal evolution the world around me also continued to evolve and it’s now easy to find plenty of yoga studios, raw food restaurants, meditation centers… you name it (especially in Austin).

During my early twenties I became a vegetarian for a year. At the time, I was still learning the nuts and bolts of taking care of my day to day life, how to manage my time, my meals and all of the things that need to be figured out after leaving home. I also read ‘Diet for a New America’ and was horrified at the way we treat animals. Additionally, I  had a negative experience while visiting pigs on a factory farm and still won’t eat pork.

That aside, I eventually quit being a vegetarian because I was under the assumption that my feelings of physical weakness had to do with a lack of animal protein. During that time I found that my energy was very erratic and I felt spacey and shaky nearly every afternoon.

Since then, I have become a lot more grounded in who I am and have tried all kinds of changes in my eating habits. Through trial and error I have found the things that make me feel better and things that take my energy away.  I recently spent ten days with neither meat nor refined carbohydrates and on some level expected that I would begin to whither away and feel the way that felt the first time I stopped eating meat.

However, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that not only do I have more steady energy, but am also more clear minded. Some of that is just being a more grounded individual, but a bigger part of it is that I am no longer riding the sugar roller coaster.

The entire time I was a vegetarian, I was so focused on what I wasn’t eating (meat) and didn’t pay attention to what I was eating in order to explain my lack of energy and shakiness. Like many Americans I hadn’t become a vegetarian, I became a refined-carbatarian.

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Rebecca Hindman L.Ac. provides Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal therapy and holistic health consultations to the community of Austin, Texas. To receive free information about Acupuncture in Austin visit http://www.truenatureclinic.com/.

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