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10 Ways to Move Your Qi | True Nature Clinic

10 Ways to Move Your Qi

Living in Texas can be rough during the summer months. Out of protection from the extreme heat, people tend to stay indoors and can develop a form of  cabin fever. Being cooped up like that is frustrating and when your body becomes stuck and so does your qi. Here are some ways to change that so you can begin to feel refreshed and re-energized:

1: Give yourself some quiet time first.

This is especially helpful if you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a screen. Give yourself a quiet break from the computer, phone and television.

Lay down and feel your body touching the ground. Begin to move slowly when you feel ready. One of my acupuncture clients,who wants to exercise and move more, finds that letting herself have a mental and physical break first makes a huge difference.

2: Wiggle it out.

Get up and wiggle your feet, legs, glutes, hands, arms, torso, head and face.

3: Move with the beat.

Put on a favorite song and dance to it. Grab somebody to dance with you, even if it’s just in your own living room (odds are that they need to move their qi too).

4: Change your environment.

Explore new places in your city. Eat at a new cafe or window shop in another part of town.

5: Take a walk outside.

Walk in a location that is uplifting to your spirits. Take your time and see your surroundings. Stop to experience the setting through touch, smell, and sound (I do this in the early morning, when the temperature is bearable).

6: Be noisy.

Pick up an instrument and make noise with it. Sing, strum, tap and blow horns even if the noises sound funny.

7: Clean it up or give yourself space for controlled chaos.

If your house feels too cluttered, organize a spot. If your house feels too clean, make a mess somewhere.

8: Play Time

Play with your child, if you don’t have one, play with your pet.

9: Learn something new.

Sign up for a class you’ve been wanting to take. If you’re too busy, make time for it.

Take a qi gong, yoga, tai chi, or akido class.

10: Get out of yourself.

Surprise a friend with a call just to say hello or write them an appreciation card.

Do something kind for somebody else without their knowing.  This is both sneaky and exciting (good way to move qi). While you’re at it, you’ll probably make their day too.

These are only suggestions. They may help you get out of a rut if you are feeling cooped up. In my opinion, becoming a healthier person involves a lot of trial and error. Try one or two of these and see how you feel afterwards. If you feel drained by it, it’s probably not the best fit. If you feel energized, you probably moved some of that qi!

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